SSBN Replacement Program Receives First Tester Report

By RICHARD R. BURGESS, Managing Editor

ARLINGTON, Va. — The Navy’s program to replace its current force of Ohio-class ballistic-missile submarines received its first analysis by the Pentagon’s test directorate, which is analyzing the Navy’s Early Operational Assessment (EOA) conducted last year.

According to an annual report issued Jan. 29 by J. Michael Gilmore, director for operational test and evaluation within the Defense Department, the Ohio Replacement Program has a “few risks to the program achieving operational effectiveness and suitability,” but the specific examples are classified.

The assessment, which included a modeling and simulation study “to compare the survivability of the two submarine classes [Ohio and Ohio Replacement]” did note that “the modeling and simulation study conducted as part of the EOA had limitations, making the results informative but inconclusive. The Ohio Replacement and Virginia-class [attack submarine] programs are collaborating to update the model for future analysis. … The Navy should update and accredit the acoustic and threat models for the next operational assessment to reduce modeling and simulation limitations.”

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